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julio 2, 2022

San Francisco University Master’s Degrees

The objective of the Admission Process of Universidad San Francisco de Quito is to attract students who, in addition to an excellent academic profile, demonstrate an inquisitive spirit framed in freedom, reflection and curiosity and that allows them, through education, to find the balance between emotion and reason.

We are the #1 university in Ecuador and #55 in Latin America by ‘QS Latin American University Rankings 2019’. Our educational model is aimed at training professional leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs, serving the community within the philosophy of the Liberal Arts and integrating all sectors of local and regional society.

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The Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration seeks on the one hand to offer a solid training close to the professional world, and on the other hand, to help students acquire the attitudes and skills that will allow them to work in a globalized and dynamic world and adapt to a very competitive and constantly changing environment, such as the economic one.

Compulsory internships in companies and a wide range of complementary activities organized by the Faculty (Economic and Business News Program, Professionals in the Classroom, Employment Forum, Professional Opportunities, visits to companies, participation in different university competitions promoted by companies, etc.) allow students to have close contact with the business world and also help them to orient their professional future while they study.

Students who so wish can also complement, in a comfortable way, their training by combining the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management with those of: Marketing and Commercial Management, Economics, Business Intelligence, Law, Pharmacy or Information Systems Engineering.

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Omicron is forcing students to adjust their pre-existing notions about pandemic life. Out with the cloth masks and in with the N95s. Two brands on your immunization card are now insufficient, as booster shots are available. But what is safe to do on campus, and how can students best protect themselves?

Dr. George Rutherford, epidemiologist, University of California, San Francisco: I expect we’re (in remote learning) only for the first few weeks, and I think that’s a realistic expectation. Hopefully it will end after the omicron surge…That’s what the dynamics of other countries would suggest.

Studies have shown that people who got omicron and are fully vaccinated don’t get seriously ill. So even with the change that omicron has made, our vaccines and boosters have held up. And if universities really do require vaccinations, booster doses and the use of mouth covers, then the in-person learning can continue.

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Generate knowledge, educate and train the community living in the Galapagos archipelago, following the philosophy of the Liberal Arts, promoting environmental conservation, sustainability of the islands and the welfare of the local population, offering top quality higher education to generate sustainable and non-extractive economic alternatives.

To be a model of higher education in liberal arts, entrepreneurship, development, and scientific and technological research of the socio-ecological systems of the Galapagos archipelago, recognized for having quality graduates who generate multidisciplinary knowledge with a global projection, contributing to the change of the economic and social development model of the islands.

The GSC is a space for intellectual integration, where the natural and social sciences are developed and the interests of the Galapagos community and institutions are advanced. The GSC’s strategy is based on three axes of development: (1) scientific research, (2) education, and (3) community support and outreach.

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