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junio 28, 2022

Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up (Official Music Video)

He is part of the collective Penique productions: A collective of artists from different disciplines that creates temporary installations with colored inflatables that completely occupy spaces, giving them a new identity.

His illustrations, photographs and paintings have appeared in publications and galleries around the world. Some of her clients and projects include Urban Outfitters, Lady Gaga, Hallmark, Stone Volcom, Element, Nylon Magazine, Inked Girls magazine, Eyes on Walls, Threadless, Bolia and Society6.

«My name is Mariana but I am better known as Mariana, A MISERÁVEL (the wretched one). I am miserable because I have decided not to go to medical school, because I am constantly asked to paint for free, because I still feel guilty for refusing, because I am very unlucky at gambling, because I have been very unlucky in love, because I am often a target for bird droppings, because it always rains when I leave the house without an umbrella and because life constantly reminds me that this name fits me like a glove. Misery is my motto and my inspiration. My work is sad-happy, carefree and laughs at itself.»

How to make an attractive BROCHURE in an easy, simple and effective way.

This is a social project that wants to make people aware of the importance of the work of health personnel, and offer to the whole society, a collective opportunity of recognition and gratitude, through an urban intervention (with posters on the advertising columns) and digital (with the Web and Social Networks).

A pavilion of 200m2 open and transparent with circulation on all four sides. With more than 30 publishing houses, auditorium for 40 people, information and sales counter, informative texts, graphics and exhibition of 10,000 books, 2 warehouses among other things…

An open and transparent space of 200m2 with possibility of circulation on all 4 sides. Involving more than 30 publishing houses, an auditorium with a capacity for 40 people, a sales and information desk, information texts, graphics and an exhibition of 10,000 books and 2 storage areas…

The design is based on a series of circular and conical structures forming majestic shelves full of books, which take us on a tour walking through the city, where some furniture allows us to pause and enjoy the experience of sitting and leafing through a book…

LSDM – Design Innovation

Graphic twist. Como en el muro la hiedra is the result of a long process of collective research carried out by the Red de Conceptualismos del Sur in collaboration with the Reina Sofia Museum. The exhibition proposes a journey through the graphic initiatives that, from the 1960s to the present, have confronted politically oppressive contexts of urgency in Latin America, articulating strategies of transformation and resistance that have radically changed the ways of doing, the way of establishing intersubjective links, of building communities and even the very circulation of graphic supports.

The case studies analyzed on this occasion, inside and outside the American continent, show the wide variety of graphic action tools that connect modes of vindication and dissidence at the international level. Ongoing or recent, these processes look to other movements of the preceding decades from which they feed, as if they were interconnected episodes. This dialogue aims to find not only coincidences or affinities between historical cycles but also tensions, latencies and transformations in graphic practices.

The white duke

Ravensbourne was recognized as an affiliated university of the University of Sussex in 1996 and was recognized again in 2002. Between 2009 and 2012, the institution’s undergraduate and postgraduate provision was validated by City University London. This relationship continued until May 2012. In June 2013, the University of the Arts London became a validation partner. In May 2018, Ravensbourne gained university status and is now able to award its own degrees.[6] The University of the Arts London is a validation partner.

The author of this part of the entry, relating to the Television School, is the Engineer (PJW Holland) responsible for the maintenance of the facility from 1983 to 1987, succeeding Richard Doyle-Davidson and assisted by Gerry England.[13] The new campus was built at Greenfields.[14] The new campus was built at Greenfields.

A new campus was built on Greenwich Peninsula, which opened in September 2010.[14] The new campus is next to The O2, an entertainment district on Greenwich Peninsula. This brings the university closer to the partner institutions and industries with which it interacts. The building won a British Construction Industry Award in 2011.[15] The new campus is located next to The O2, an entertainment district on the Greenwich Peninsula.

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