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noviembre 14, 2022

The Best Universities in the World – QS Ranking (2012-2021)

This is evident in at least three international measurements: QS Latin America University Rankings 2022, Times Higher Education Latin America University Rankings 2021 and 2021 Best Global Universities ranking.

Following the local trend, the Pontificia is followed by the Universidad de Chile, which appears in 6th position, followed by the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, in 24th place, and the Universidad de Santiago, six places below in 30th position.

The third list was published by US News & World Report, which ranked 87 universities in Latin America, where Pontificia Universidad Católica (PUC) was in third place. Globally, however, the situation changes, ranking 290th.

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Indicators examined included Employability, which included the employment prospects of graduate students; Diversity and Internationalization, which looked at how the institution strives to be as inclusive as possible; Learning Experience, which looks at the overall learning environment, student-faculty ratio, and retention and graduation rates; and Research, which demonstrates how the institution is impacting «Knowledge Creation.»

500 best universities in the world

«It just as important to focus on how we shift the foundational patterns, behaviors, relationships and interactions that underlie all parts of systems – the everyday patterns which may look small in the scheme of systems, but which can fundamentally shift people’s lived experience of systems, and which are within the reach of every one of us who works in a system to start to learn our way into.»

«Privileging short-term job training over demanding educational experiences associated with high-levels of intellectual, personal, and social development is a bad idea for individuals, for the vitality of the American economy, and for our democracy.»

The QS Latin America Rankings awarded UCA the Impact by Reputation award. This recognition is based on the strong impact in the region of the combination of Academic Reputation and Employer Reputation.

As part of its commitment to a healthy environment, the #UCA installed 900 photovoltaic solar modules with which it produces 30 percent of its consumed energy. This project aims to improve energy quality and respect for a healthy environment. Initially, panels had been placed around UCA buildings. The most recent stage contemplated the installation of 439 additional panels on the metal roofs of the Puerto Madero Campus, with which the system will cover more than a third of the energy consumed annually at the Buenos Aires headquarters. Read the complete news at and watch the video.

University ranking by reputation del momento

Here you can see the updated list of the world’s best universities, where the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is in first place, followed by the U.S. universities Stanford, Harvard and the California Institute of Technology, in second, third and fourth place. In fifth place is the University of Oxford (England).

This ranking is based on six indicators: academic reputation (with a survey of thousands of academics), reputation from the employer’s point of view, appointments per professor, student/professor ratio, international faculty ratio and international student ratio.

These indicators have different percentage of evaluation, such as academic reputation (40%); reputation among employers (10%); academic/student ratio (20%); citations per academic (20%), international professors (5%) and international students (5%).

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