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noviembre 17, 2022

Catholic University

The purpose of the Exchange Programs is to provide students with a vehicle through which they can develop academically, socially and culturally in a different university environment. In this way, students will live experiences that will allow them to obtain a more comprehensive vision of the world around them.

Best regards.    Thank you for considering our University for your exchange experience.    First of all our office needs to know which is your home University to verify if our Institutions have established Collaboration Agreements.    If so, we need your University to contact us to let us know their intention to nominate you as an exchange candidate.  If there is no established Collaboration Agreement the application procedure would be directly with our Admissions Office.

I never thought it would, but this trip changed my life at a time I needed it most. It sounds cheesy, but the friendly locals, the new experience, the island life… It was exactly what I needed. When I hopped on an airplane to head to Puerto Rico, I was at one of the lowest points of my life. When I left, I was at my highest.


«NAFSA es una plataforma de networking que permite a las universidades reunirse con sus contrapartes, no solo de Estados Unidos sino de todo el mundo. En una semana pueden construir excelentes relaciones, aprender nuevas tendencias, conocer el trabajo que están realizando otros países en temas de internacionalización de servicios educativos y sobre todo, posicionar a Costa Rica», afirmó Álvaro Piedra, Director de Exportaciones de PROCOMER a la revista Summa.

1 – «Información personal» – es decir, información como el nombre completo, el cargo, la empresa, la dirección postal, la dirección de correo electrónico, el número de teléfono y la información de la tarjeta de crédito u otra información de pago (si se hace una donación);

2 – «Información del dispositivo» – es decir, información sobre usted o sus actividades, (como su dirección de protocolo de Internet, las características del navegador, las características del dispositivo, el sistema operativo, las preferencias de idioma, las direcciones URL de referencia, la información sobre las acciones realizadas en nuestro sitio web, y las fechas y horas de las visitas al sitio web) a través de la cual no intentamos identificarle pero a través de la cual puede ser posible identificarle; y/o

University of Miami

The Office of Multilingual Family Services provides educational services to international students and families who are not proficient in English. The program ensures that Limited English Proficient (LEP) communities have equitable access to information and resources about school system services, policies and academic activities.

International Achievement Coordinators facilitate communication and understanding across [different] cultures between international schools and families.    They are also members of school intervention teams and collaborate with school staff to provide support to international students and their families.

Oas scholarships

The Student Exchange Program give participants access to a global society and understanding of other cultures. Students who participate in the program become ambassadors of the University. These experiences positively impact their academic lives, help them establish international networks and encourage them to become successful graduates.

The following information will enable the prospective student traveler from the University to explore the benefits and opportunities of the program. On the other hand, the visiting student will have the opportunity to know more about Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, its academic offerings, visa requirements, accommodation options, and other issues.

The Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico (UPPR) recognizes that the internationalization process is fundamental for the continuous development of important academic initiatives that allow the global positioning of the institution.

Under the Vice Presidency of Academic Affairs, the UPPR Registrar’s Office is in charge of administering F-1 visas for international students who wish to complete an academic degree. It is also responsible for processing J-1 visas for visiting international students and faculty at the Department of State. In addition, the office coordinates the support services necessary for international students to adjust to their new environment and succeed in their academic life.

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