What is a comprehensive university

julio 2, 2022

Examples of comprehensive training

Founded jointly by the Nationalists and Communists in 1922, the original cause of Shanghai University was to train leaders for the Chinese revolution. It contributed a group of influential people to the cause of China’s liberation and development.[4] The university was suspended in 1927 as a result of the Shanghai Massacre, in which the Nationalists purged all communist-related organizations. In 1983, the Chinese government reopened Shanghai University. And then in 1994, by integrating three other universities, it became the largest institution of higher education administered by Shanghai Municipality.[4][5] As of 2018, SHU enrolls 19,934 undergraduate students and 16,954 graduate students, including 4,505 international students.[6]

Shanghai University’s annual research funding amounted to US$505.3 million in 2018, making it a research-intensive comprehensive university.[7] It has two undergraduate colleges and five broad academic divisions (Natural Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Engineering, Economics and Management, and Fine Arts), containing 29 schools or departments.

Comprehensive training in values

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Comprehensive training that is

The University System of Integral Risk Management (SUGIR) was created from the Rector’s Agreement issued on May 16, 2013, with attachment to the Secretariat of Institutional Development and with the purpose of establishing and developing the institutional capacity to respond and contribute permanently in the construction of a culture of self-care and collective care, from a philosophy of integral risk management congruent with sustainability.

As well as addressing disaster risk reduction in university spaces and having policies and programs that address the welfare and safety of the university community and institutional facilities and work environments, among others.

What is integral formation of the person?

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