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junio 17, 2022

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Medical Certificate (Original and clear photocopy). The doctor’s seal must be clearly visible on both the Ministry of Health and the Medical College. Beneficiary’s Identity Card (Original and 2 Photocopies) signed and/or with the Beneficiary’s fingerprints printed on both. Applicant’s Identity Card (Original and 2 photocopies). Detailed sketch of the address where the payment will be made, in 2 photocopies, 2 reference telephone numbers, fixed or cellular and name(s) of the contact person(s).

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Argentina is located in the western hemisphere, so its noon is a few hours later than Greenwich. Time zones to the west have a negative sign indicating that, to obtain the time, it is necessary to subtract a number of hours from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

The country lies approximately between the meridians of longitude 53º 30′ (Bernando de Irigoyen, Misiones) and 73º 30′ (Los Glaciares National Park, Santa Cruz). This gives a development in longitude of about 20º. This development in longitude implies that solar noon at a location at the eastern end, happens about 80 minutes earlier than at a location located at the western end.[2] This is due to its position in longitude.

Due to its position in longitude, most of the territory (the eastern and central part) falls within the time zone UTC -4:00 hours, which has as its center the meridian 60º West and 15º wide (between 52º 30′ and 67º 30′). A smaller zone is included in the UTC -5:00 time zone and corresponds to the mountain and southern zone.[3] A smaller zone is included in the UTC -5:00 time zone.

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In 1945, after a tireless struggle, Guatemalan women won this right. The debates and discussions were reported in the pages of the newspapers. After months of debate, the Constituent Assembly, formed exclusively by men, decided to grant the vote to women, excluding illiterate women.

In the presidential elections of November 1950, which brought Árbenz to power, women’s attendance at the polls was low. Some women were afraid to vote and others were not allowed by their husbands. «Very few came; they did not dare to attend. We had to convince them to go to vote, and also their husbands to give them permission to go, because they did not want women to participate in politics,» recalls Julia Urrutia, who cast her vote in that election (Read her story on page 3 of Magacín).

Brolo notes that during the time of the internal armed conflict, which began in 1960, «state control was evident in the various electoral frauds. There was always an electoral process to maintain control; it was not exactly an exercise in participation.

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The Vice-Minister of Social Benefits of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis), Patricia Balbuena, acknowledged to a local media that one of the problems identified is that some families are not allowed to register in the portal because the information of the work lists is outdated.

It is worth mentioning that in the platform the information of each household can be validated, complemented or updated in order to register in the National Registry of Households. Subsequently, it will be possible to know the beneficiaries who applied for the voucher.

Thus, in the first tranche, the universal family bonus payment has already been assigned to around 1.5 million households. It is estimated that the difference – estimated between 800,000 and 1 million households approximately – will be completed through the National Registry of Households, Midis told this newspaper.

Thus, the cross-referencing of data of those who register in the platform is carried out between the General Household Register, the data in the DNI of individuals, the 2017 general census, and other databases.

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