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noviembre 10, 2022

Universities that accept undocumented students

We are independent university consultants with a lot of experience in the university systems of several countries, mainly in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. We advise, prepare and guide you through the entire admissions process in the universities of the country or countries of your choice. Our goal is for you to study what you like and what you are best at, in the best university, with the highest scholarship possible. Visit our different programs and find the one that best suits you.

Expand your recruitment possibilities: Studying abroad will set you apart from the rest of the candidates by having acquired an international perspective in a culture totally different from your own, as well as differentiating you in the use of English. 97% of students who have studied abroad have obtained a job within 12 months of graduation compared to only 49% of other graduates.

Gain a global perspective: Experience a culture totally different from your own first-hand. Learning and living in another culture will make you mature sooner and better. You will learn to interact with people of different races, cultures and in a language different from your mother tongue, which will allow you to function on your own in an environment different from your comfort zone.

How to win a scholarship in the United States

For those who love aesthetic beauty and skin health, a career in Cosmetology could be what you are looking for. Cosmetology studies allow you to turn your creativity and interest into a potential business, in addition to the pleasure of making other people feel good, since you will be taking care of their personal appearance and body health.

According to several schools in the field, the objective of this career is to train professionals capable of taking care of the beauty and health of people’s skin through the use of appropriate tools.

This career is dedicated to the study of products and treatments that generate benefits in terms of health, beauty and physical appearance of the skin of the face, hair and body. Therefore, it is a profession closely related to styling and dermatology.

It allows you to focus on knowing the types of complexion, hair, products and techniques for total and natural beautification. In addition, it gives you the knowledge about the active ingredients contained in daily hygiene and beauty products. Therefore, the knowledge acquired allows you to know what types of cosmetics and products should be used according to the type of skin, needs and objectives to be achieved.

Scholarships for undocumented immigrants 2022

The scholarship system of the Catholic University of Cuenca, is constituted to promote and stimulate the academic development of students who benefit from scholarships, ensuring equal opportunities in the process of higher education training and supporting students of limited economic resources, high performance athletes, people with disabilities, people belonging to the peoples and nationalities of Ecuador; Ecuadorian citizens abroad and returned or deported migrants on condition that they accredit academic performance levels regulated by each institution and Ecuadorian citizens abroad, through the granting of full or partial scholarships in accordance with current regulations.

The Catholic University of Cuenca will grant total or partial scholarships to regular students who can document a lack or insufficiency of economic resources. The allocation of the percentage will be made through a socioeconomic analysis of the family group, for which the applicant must submit the following requirements:

What are the benefits of these scholarships for undocumented immigrants?

To begin the process of applying for admission to one of the University’s Schools or programs, foreign students must follow the following procedure: Fill out the online admission form, if the student comes from High School, take the Admission Test or submit PAA or SAT results, once these original documents are received at Admissions and a copy at the International Affairs Department, they will be sent to the corresponding School where the student has applied for admission, for their due evaluation. If the student is accepted to the university, the Admissions Department will issue the respective letter of acceptance, which will be sent to the student through the International Affairs Office via e-mail and later via regular mail.  Once accepted to the university, the student must present all the required documentation to formalize his/her admission and complete the admission process.

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