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diciembre 1, 2022

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Our academics are internationally recognized and highly experienced. Many of them have doctorates from the best universities in the world and have worked in the best companies in the country. This allows us to deliver a practical and real approach to students.

The Master’s in Economics at FEN equipped me with a wide arsenal of technical tools that allowed me to develop a deep academic rigor. The excellent preparation in microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics offered by the Master’s program has helped me to continue developing my professional career in academia».

The main objective is to provide the basic knowledge used in modern microeconomic theory and game theory. For this, students should be familiarized with the mathematical tools used in economics and the uses of these tools in economic modeling. At the end of the course they will have acquired a working knowledge of modern microeconomic theory, developed the ability to model and formally analyze economic issues, become familiar with the use of theoretical tools in empirical work and, finally, equipped with basic knowledge to understand and discuss the literature in game theory.

WE WALKA School – Student Testimonials – Ana Pavez

Fabián Duarte is Director of the Department of Economics and Associate Professor of the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Chile. Previously, he headed the Millennium Nucleus in Social Development and was President of the School of Talent Development.

He was Associate Director and Deputy Economist for Chile at the Center for Latin American Social Policy (CLASP) of the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California, was also Principal Investigator of a grant from NIA (National Institute on Aging) and Co-Principal Investigator of a grant from NIH (National Institutes of Health) and has also been a researcher at Yale University, the Central Bank of Chile and the Superintendency of Banks and Financial Institutions of Chile.

1. the secret brotherhood of skull and bones

Yale University is one of the most recognized and important universities in the United States today. Since its founding in 1701, it has occupied the top positions in the ranking of the best American universities. Yale is a private institution of higher education located in New Haven, Connecticut. The admissions process at Yale University is extremely selective and thorough, with an acceptance rate of only 7%. Members of the extended Yale family have a wide range of talents, interests and vocations.

Yale provides its students with a thoughtful, collaborative, and inspiring environment where they can develop a broadly formative and highly disciplined intellect that will help them succeed in any area of the work process.

At Yale, 22% of its students are international students representing more than 120 countries. The university currently has the largest international community in its history. These are the general requirements for applicants to Yale:

Yale university business school del momento

La Yale School of Management es la escuela de negocios de la Universidad de Yale y está situada en la Avenida Whitney en New Haven, Connecticut, Estados Unidos. En 1971 la Universidad recibió un legado de la herencia de Frederick W. Beinecke, PhB 1909, para la creación de un programa en gestión.

El SOM de Yale ofrece un programa de MBA de dos años a tiempo completo que cuenta con un plan de estudios integrado distintivo, casos «crudos» de autoría de Yale, un requisito de estudios globales y un sinfín de oportunidades de participación en toda la Universidad de Yale. El primer año del programa MBA se compone de cursos básicos, incluyendo cursos de Perspectiva Organizacional, mientras que el segundo año es totalmente optativo que puede ser completado en cualquier aula de Yale en toda la Universidad, lo que ofrece a los estudiantes la oportunidad de personalizar su plan de estudios y aumentar su red.

Acceda a la información para tomar una decisión compleja con confianza con los programas de MBA que le ofrecen la mejor opción. El mapa de la derecha muestra los resultados en las seis dimensiones de nuestro Mapa de ajuste cultural.

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